We pride ourselves on providing the best holiday courses for children ageing from 4-14

Our courses are extremely popular and are guaranteed to be fully booked! During the last 10 years we have established a perfect structure in which we run our half-term courses (See structure below). We provide a fun and friendly environment in which parents have the knowledge that their children are in safe hands and having fun. The children love our school holiday courses and we often get asked whether they could come to the football school all year round. The football school is great for children to meet new friends, develop their skills whilst also giving mum and dad a much needed break. PAYMENT MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE!

Structure of the day (Holiday courses):

9am-9:20am:  REGISTER – Children will be registered then lead onto the pitch.

9:20am-10am: SAQ – All children will join in our SAQ circuit which will get the children moving immediately. This will include jumping hurdles, ladders, in/out of cones, explosive turns and various other SAQ stations designed to improve ABC’S (Agility, Balance & C0-Ordination)

10am-11:00am: MORNING SESSION – The children will be split into groups based on age/ability and within their groups will be lead by the coach to their designated pitch where they will take part in various different football drills and games. The morning session tends to involve a lot of ABC work (helping to improve movement) & Technical work.

11:00am-11:20am: – SNACK TIME – Children will be walked into  the inside of the stadium where they will have 20 minutes to have a sit down whilst having a drink and a snack (We advise fruit, cereal bar etc)

11:30am-1:00pm: MIDDAY SESSION – The children will go back into their groups where they will have 1 more hour  football fun, games and drills ending with a match within their groups. This part of the day is where we startling looking at SSGs and trying to reinforce information through game practises.

1:00pm – 1:30pm: LUNCH TIME – Children will be walked back into the stadium facilities where they will have 45 minutes to have lunch. The children will be able to watch the TV and talk to friends whilst eating all of their lunch. (Vending machines are available if children wish to purchase a snack or drink)

1:30-3pm: TOURNAMENT – The children will be split into suitable teams based on age/ability and will take part in a big tournament in which all the children will be involved in.

3pm: HOME TIME – Parents come to pick up their children remembering all of their belongings.

We provide incentives to play well and good behaviour. On a weekly basis we choose a ‘Star of the week’ from each group. These awards get given out not only based on ability but for children who show a desire to improve and a positive attitude.