JDFS provides hassle free PPA Cover which teaches children the FUNdamental skills outlined in the national curriculum and gives them the inspiration that they need to succeed.

At JDFS we offer PPA Packages that are designed to meet the needs of each individual school, including flexible start and finish times and multi-coaching solutions. We make sure that our packages are more affordable to all schools by giving them a FREE club in EVERY package we offer. Below are details of our THREE available packages.

Morning PPA – with a free breakfast club plus 3 hours coaching

At JDFS we provide a free 45 minute breakfast session to help kick start the day, the club is designed to be fun, creative and energise your children to prepare them for their day. Fully qualified coaches will provide 3 hours of National Curriculum PE to the year group of your choice. Price – On Request (Includes free breakfast club + 3 hours of PE)

Afternoon PPA – with a free lunch club plus 2 hours coaching

We will come in early during lunch time for free and provide a sports teacher during lunch to monitor and provide different sports activities during lunch time to get as many children active as possible. The afternoon sessions consist of 2 hours of National Curriculum PE to a year group of your choice, our aims of the sessions are to develop every child’s ability, get every child active and make sure they are having fun. Price – On Request (Includes free lunchtime club + 2 hours of PE)

Full Day PPA – with a free breakfast and lunch club plus 5 hours coaching

JDFS will combine both packages and provide a full 5 hours of National Curriculum PE throughout the day; this enables us to work with more classes.
With the full day package a free breakfast and lunch club will be provided for your school giving you the maximum out of your sports. The PPA sessions provided will be given at a discounted rate if the full day package is wanted. Price – On Request (Includes free breakfast/lunchtime club + 5 hours of PE).
  • Sports available are: Football, Athletics, Cricket, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Basketball & Swimming
  • We cover PPA from as little as £30 per hour.
  • Each coaching session is 1 hour long but can be adapted to suit any school’s individual timetable.
  • Each course follows a structured and well planned syllabus aimed at teaching the basic skills and rules needed in each sport incorporating FUNdamentals, our sessions will help build children’s confidence install good discipline whilst helping to improve individual motor skills.